Andre Freeman, Managing Partner

AndreFreemanHCGDre is a visionary entrepreneur who is credited with innovating the concept of mansion parties in Hollywood, 23 years ago. During the inception of his mansion parties, Dre learned how to leverage celebrity guests and high-net-worth individuals while impressing advertisers with tangible results. After years of hosting mansion parties and nightlife venues in Hollywood, Dre attended college at Fresno State where he studied Business Administration and Advertising while playing basketball for Jerry Tarkanian on a team that was ranked top 10 in the nation for three consecutive years. After college, Dre began funding and distributing music and film projects after working on the award-winning indie project titled ” Miles From Home,” directed by his childhood friend Ty Hodges and produced directed by his childhood friend Megan Good.

Throughout his career, He has developed an immense amount of expertise in multiple industries ranging from talent acquisition, product marketing, digital content, distribution, and content programming. Dre served as the career Dre served as the VP of the Nocturnal Network and generated over $ 5 million in advertising revenue in his first year. He has worked with many print publications throughout his career and currently serves on the board of SOCIAL, a print publication and television Network that covers every facet of lifestyle. With a print subscription of 35,000 nationally and over 300,000 users online, SOCIAL is on the pulse of what is happening in the world, now and in the future. Pass SOCIAL print covers and collaborations have included Rihanna, David Beckham, Lincoln Park, Guns N’ Roses, Mike Tyson, and many more.

Since becoming a partner with Universe Network in 2016, Dre has secured over 100 TV networks and over 100 television shows exclusive to Universe Network. Dray is also responsible for structuring the strategic partnerships needed to enable Universal Network to offer free TV, phone, and Wi-Fi to its users. Through success by proof of concept, Dray understands how to transform opportunities into revenue by creating innovative mutually beneficial connections between brands, ideas, people, funds, and technologies that provide real long-lasting benefits.

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