About Jason Humble

After accomplishing many feats in the corporate world and reaching a ceiling, Mr. Humble took on the challenge in the next role of his career as CEO for Humble Capital Consulting; where he consults in raising capital for Pre-IPO Intellectual Properties in different facets and sectors. In addition to his role at Humble Consulting, Mr. Humble helps manage risks and capitalizes on currency across major markets worldwide as a trader. He is experienced in the markets of Commodities, Forex and Cryptocurrency. Mr. Humble takes pride in being a Revenue generator, talent developer, problem solver, and a cultivator of winning atmospheres. Today more than ever, Mr. Humble is extremely driven to succeed and focused on results.

Jason has extensive experience in Sales, and Marketing for numerous Fortune 500 companies. Mr. Humble previously held an executive Vice President position for one of the top pharmaceutical companies in the world. Throughout his career he was consistently honored as a top performer and MVP for each sales role he tackled in Corporate America.

Jason’s challenging background and family history has also given him the opportunity for numerous speaking engagements across the country for different companies breeding success. He believes the first one to experience adversity will be better suited and equipped for success. The blueprint to success is having a strong emotional intelligence and an inviting spirit towards adversity. He also encourages the youth to embrace obstacles, challenges, and to accept their testimonies. Mr. Humble also serves on the board for Precious Dreams Foundation. PDF supports the well being of foster and homeless children by using a special technique focused on using bedtime necessities and positive reinforcement to empower children to recognize and focus on their dreams. For more information on how to donate or provide assistance please visit www.preciousdreamsfoundation.org

As a three sport stand out high school athlete in the great state of New York, He attended Florida Southern College, in turn, transferring to Nyack Christian College as a College Basketball Athlete. He graduated with honors, acquiring a degree in Communications and furthered his education with an MBA in Business Entrepreneurship.
His favorite bible verse is Matt 23:12

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